Patient experiences of rheumatoid arthritis models of care
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Do you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? If you do, please consider participating in the “Patient experiences of rheumatoid arthritis models of care: An international survey, developed by a global network of RA patient organizations. As a person living with the disease, sharing your experiences about the care you receive in your country is vitally important. Kantar Health, a trusted market research company, is hosting the survey. Funding support for the survey has been provided by F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.

The Survey aims to identify how, from the patient experience and perspective, current models of care for rheumatoid arthritis compare between countries. To our knowledge, the results of this survey will be the first crowd-sourced research of its kind designed by patients, for patients, to better learn what their care experiences are like in the their country.

The results of this survey will help build collaboration between the RA organizations involved in the project to create the “Global RA Network. It is our hope that by analising the survey results, the Global RA Network can develop education and information initiatives to improve RA patients’ understanding about the kind and quality of care they should be receiving so as to enable the best treatment outcomes possible. In doing so, we can continue working towards common purposes on behalf of people with RA around the world and sustain the Global RA Network.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. The survey host, Kantar Health, follows strick data safety protocols and ensures that all the information gathered during the survey will be held strictly confidential. Your answers will be pooled with others taking the survey and not linked at any time with your personal information.

When taking the survey please remember there are no correct or incorrect answers. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your own unqiue experiences and views with us by fully completing the survey.

When clicking on the “next button below, you confirm that you understand and accept the following terms of particiption:

  • I understand that my survey responses are only for market research purposes
  • I understand the information gathered in the survey will be pooled and analyzed in an aggregated way, never individualized, thus assuring my privacy
  • I understand that my name will not associate with my answers thus assuring my privacy

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Your and other participants’ responses will inform the development of educational tools and programs to help people with RA around the world receive evidence-based treatment and care to enable the best health outcomes possible.